What are we up to?

Its been quiet here for a while so I thought I should publish a quick update.

A couple of years ago we started building a product "Invotra

This product has pretty much taken over our lives and become the core focus of the business, what started out as an Intranet for one government department has morphed into a "Digital Workspace that ties together all parts of an enterpise.

iO1 acquire Drupalmodules.com


We are delighted to announce that iO1 has acquired Drupal modules

We would like to thank and recognise John Forsythe who has done a fantastic job that has helped out virtually every Sitebuilder / Drupal developer / Themer over the last few years.

Exact match domains - lower value for seo, now higher value for PPC?

Back in the day, ranking for a long tail keyword was pretty simple.  Buy a domain name which was www.mylongtailkeyword.com, stick some related content on it and get some links in and hey presto, page 1 rankings every time.  OK, maybe not every time but you get the idea.

The extension of the ASA's digital remit - what does it mean for your website?

On 1st March 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority will extend its remit further into the digital space.  What implications does this have for website owners?

Semantic Advertising - A practical example of the semantic web

The Semantic Web has been coming for years. However, as with all technologies it has needed something to push it over the edge into becoming a requirement rather than a nice to have. Advertising is frequently a catalyst for change and this time Semantic Advertising is the catalyst that we have been waiting for.

This blog is not highly technical or long, but I think that it gives a real world example of why 2010 will be the year of the semantic web and the year that semantic technologies really take off.

The commercial imperative for investing in Drupal

At the Drupal for marketing event the other evening in london someone asked a question in the Q&A at the end of Robert Castelo's introduction to Drupal (very good session btw) which was along the lines of "where does the money come from for Drupal".

What is the Semantic Web?

What is the semantic Web?

I seem to be asked this question on a daily basis mostly in reference to Google now using RDFA and Drupal 7 efforts to put RDFA in Drupal Core (iO1 is sponsoring ;-). The answer is not a simple one liner so I am constantly struggling to come up with a concise unifying statement that allows me to explain it to anyone. No luck yet so here's my current best effort at it.

White Label Software Development Division Launched

White Label Development is now officially up and running. Over the last year a core focus for iO1 has been the development of our White Label brand and services.

Drupal Iphone Theme development Tip

This is just a handy tip for anyone beginning to develop or test a Drupal IPhone theme when they don't have an IPhone and are not using a mac.

The first thing you need to do is add the User Agent Switcher FireFox addon - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59.

This module allows you to impersonate any browser when viewing a site (obviously this has lots of uses when doing drupal seo as well).  It will take a browser restart to get it working.

Then add in a new user agent using the user agent details below for the iPhone: