Drupal SEO Series Overview

Drupal SEO - Bare Bones installation is the first in a series of Drupal SEO related posts and this posts looks at SEO for drupal with no additional modules installed. We initially looked at dealing with some of the advanced issues relating to SEO however decided that it would be more useful if we started at the beginning and build up to these topics.  This series is aimed at giving an indepth look into all the primary areas that affect most people when building websites that they need to rank in Google et al.

We do a lot of large scale seo for enterprise clients and have gained an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to really be successful in highly competitive environments. To many people refer to Drupal SEO as easy without realising the critical factor in SEO! If everyone can do it then it gets harder!!! I don't believe that any other framework holds a candle to drupal for SEO, but what makes great SEO is being ahead of the curve not adopting it after everyone else already has. What makes Drupal great for SEO is the ease with which you can bend and shape it to your exact requirements without having to worry about the bits underneath as your know they are handled in a nice seo friendly fashion.

Current List of topics we plan to write on over the coming weeks include:

  • Drupal SEO - Bare Bones
  • SEO Statistics and Analysis - Setting yourself up to win
  • Performance and SEO
  • Security and SEO
  • Taxonomy supporting or killing your SEO
  • RSS and Aggregation
  • Titles and paging issues
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Advanced Url handling for SEO (beyond pathauto)
  • Handling Multimedia
  • SEO multisite considerations
  • Social networking for SEO
  • Migrating to - SEO impacts
  • Theming impact on SEO
  • Developers and SEO
  • Internationaliz(s)ation and SEO
  • Large Scale SEO
  • Meta data and its real importance