iO1 acquire


We are delighted to announce that iO1 has acquired Drupal modules

We would like to thank and recognise John Forsythe who has done a fantastic job that has helped out virtually every Sitebuilder / Drupal developer / Themer over the last few years. has been critical to the growth of Drupal and we plan to make sure that we continue to support the future growth of Drupal. We hope to do you proud in what we do with your baby!

History of

John is a web designer and programmer working out of Ottawa, Canada. He runs a Drupal design service called Blamcast and is a member of the Drupal Association.

Why did John make Drupal modules?

"When I first started using Drupal, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of modules available. Drupal offers many modules with similar features, and finding the best one for the job is often difficult.

So, In February of 2007, I set out to build a system to help Drupal developers find modules faster and easier. It turned out to be a lot more work than I originally thought, and the project was put aside in favor of other pursuits.

Then one day in October, I saw a survey posted by Dries, showing a strong community desire for exactly what I had been planning. My inspiration was renewed, and since that day, I have been working virtually non-stop to get this project completed.

What you see is the result of over 1,000 hours of development work!"


What happens now?

The site will continue to run as before, although it has been moved onto EC2 with much more power under the hood. iO1 have started upgrading the site to Drupal 7, the first release will most probably be just a refresh with a new look and feel.  We might sneak in the odd feature but the focus is on getting a platform for future development and we felt that moving to Drupal 7 was critical to this.


What about the drupalmodules sponsors?

We recognise and thank the support that the sponsors have given to Drupalmodules over the years, a lot of the major Drupal shops have advertised over the years. However all of these arrangements have ended and we do not see that we will be accepting advertising in the future, for now iO1 is happy to provide all the financial support needed to run this fantastic community service.

If you have something that needs promoting and its important enough to the community then feel free to contact us, we will be happy to promote you/your project, we just will not charge you any money.


What are the future plans?

We don't really know the answer yet!   We don't see Drupal modules as just a review site, we see it as an information hub and toolset for the Drupal community, we see somewhere that is free from the constraints of D.O. that will allow us to continue to lead in the way that John has lead for the last few years.  So everything we do will be done with this in mind.

This is a really exciting day for us all and we are stoked with the possibilities this brings, but there are so many possibilities that we have not finalised what we are going to do and we wanted to talk to the community about what the need / want before making any decisions, obviously we plan to scratch a few personal Itch's like being able to set a version context when browsing / searching!

We would love to hear your ideas in the drupalmodules forum, we have opened a thread Your itch goes here


1000 hrs...away from

"What you see is the result of over 1,000 hours of development work!"

With that much of a time commitment, surely improvements could have been made to that address these needs. 

It's unfortunate that you have no plans to contribute time to improving the community listing of modules.

it's helping Drupal too. I

it's helping Drupal too. I hope more guys do same things. write their own blog and profit themselvs.

From what I understand,

From what I understand, getting the admins to allow such sweeping changes is a brick wall. From what I'm privvy to, the admins of d.o want control and the creator of drupalmodules approached the d.o elite concerning making this site part of d.o and they refused his help.

Not everything is smooth in the d.o community. Open source has its politics as well. In this case, over 1,000 hours of intelligent coding was lost and the community suffers.

How aboiut "Congratulations, John!"

Assuming that all valid contributions to Drupal can exist only within the context of the official website is absurd.  John has been working on this for 5 years, and I've been using it for the last 3-4 because it actually works...that's how open source is: if it works, people use it.  works, QED. I think that his thousand hours has probably saved me at least that. Props for your work, John, may there be many delicious sandwiches in your future.


Not all success looks one way

The is a success story for the Drupal community, and it's good to see an indepedent venture that complements the community find a continuing home. 


Peace translate to german language :-)

Well, whatever, you guys broke it and don't seem to care.


You doing a great job.

I read posted article above, i01 aquire, it sounds good. congruat to u guies.

 Thanks for all your hard

 Thanks for all your hard work.

 I find to be an invaluable resource.

 Just as a suggestion... any way that we could sort and filter by "release status" i.e. exclude any modules that are in "dev" or "beta" status?