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Drupal Piwik analytics module beta release for Drupal 6

We are delighted to announce that we have just released a Drupal module for integrating with Piwik, an open source alternative to Google Analytics.

Piwik itself is in beta so this release is a beta version for Drupal 6.

Download the Drupal Piwik module and let us know what you think. We will be submitting to drupal.org in the next few days and plan on maintaining it there.

Drupal Piwik Module Introduction

Earlier we announced the release of the Drupal Piwik module, you can see the announcement at "Drupal Piwik module announcement".

This is just a brief introduction to the module, please note the Piwik is beta and this module could therefore be considered alpha

Basically the module provides two functions,

FeedAPI: purge and refresh all feeds

It often happens that I've added and configured a load of feeds, only to discover afterwards that I should have done something differently from the start, so I need to purge and refresh all the feeds I've already created. Rather than sitting in front of admin/content/feed and clicking for hours on all the remove and refresh links, I wrote a simple script to do this for me.

Drupal 6 from a business viewpoint

Developing this site was my first real effort at creating a D6 site.

Its been an interesting piece of work as it was for ourselves rather than a client so I have been really heavily involved in the detail aspects of the site. Most of my experiences have been significantly better than with previous versions.

I would say that after spending weeks on this site that I am left with two particular things that stick out in my mind, book outlining and menu management.