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Search and Analytics

iO1 provides expert Drupal SEO (search engine optimisation) services.  We are competitive in this area to the point of obsession and have in depth technical knowledge of the complex areas of large scale SEO implementations.

SEO, by its nature suits our scientific approach to problems and we are constantly pushing its boundaries and testing advanced SEO tactics in our test environments in order to give our clients serious competitive advantage in this area.

Our services include:


New iO1 Brand Launched

iO1 limited have been involved in development for the last few years, primarily in the corporate and social networking arena. During this time we have always had our internal brand values that we adhered to but never actually represented these in terms of a logo or other brand elements until now.

We spent the last two months going through and in-depth branding process to help us gain a real understanding of what we are all about and how best to visualise this.


What is the Semantic Web?

What is the semantic Web?

I seem to be asked this question on a daily basis mostly in reference to Google now using RDFA and Drupal 7 efforts to put RDFA in Drupal Core (iO1 is sponsoring ;-). The answer is not a simple one liner so I am constantly struggling to come up with a concise unifying statement that allows me to explain it to anyone. No luck yet so here's my current best effort at it.

Drupal 6 from a business viewpoint

Developing this site was my first real effort at creating a D6 site.

Its been an interesting piece of work as it was for ourselves rather than a client so I have been really heavily involved in the detail aspects of the site. Most of my experiences have been significantly better than with previous versions.

I would say that after spending weeks on this site that I am left with two particular things that stick out in my mind, book outlining and menu management.