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iO1 provides expert Drupal SEO (search engine optimisation) services.  We are competitive in this area to the point of obsession and have in depth technical knowledge of the complex areas of large scale SEO implementations.

SEO, by its nature suits our scientific approach to problems and we are constantly pushing its boundaries and testing advanced SEO tactics in our test environments in order to give our clients serious competitive advantage in this area.

Our services include:


Semantic Advertising - A practical example of the semantic web

The Semantic Web has been coming for years. However, as with all technologies it has needed something to push it over the edge into becoming a requirement rather than a nice to have. Advertising is frequently a catalyst for change and this time Semantic Advertising is the catalyst that we have been waiting for.

This blog is not highly technical or long, but I think that it gives a real world example of why 2010 will be the year of the semantic web and the year that semantic technologies really take off.

Drupal SEO - Statistics and Analysis - Setting yourself up to win - SEO Series - 2

In the first of the Drupal Seo series I went through basic Drupal SEO with no additional modules installed. Now we are going to move onto SEO Statistics and Analysis and how to set yourself up to win, things get a bit more in-depth (not a lot) as you will need to now install a couple of modules and connect up some external services.

Drupal SEO - Bare Bones installation - SEO Series - 1

This post is the first in our Drupal SEO series and attempts to give you a reasonably indepth overview of what the different aspects of a standard drupal installation you will need to address for SEO are.


Drupal SEO on a bare bones installation (i.e. no additional modules installed) still needs a fair degree of knowledge if your new to drupal or SEO and can be quite daunting for someone new to SEO and/or Drupal. 

The post is broken down into three sections:

1) Modules and their relevance to Drupal SEO

2) Anatomy of a Blog post from an SEO viewpoint

3) A review of all the admin settings and how they impact SEO 

(Obviously I would never recommend doing a bare bones install as there are some wonderful modules that do loads of the work for you, but I think its important to understand the base your working from.)

Drupal SEO Series Overview

Drupal SEO - Bare Bones installation is the first in a series of Drupal SEO related posts and this posts looks at SEO for drupal with no additional modules installed. We initially looked at dealing with some of the advanced issues relating to SEO however decided that it would be more useful if we started at the beginning and build up to these topics.  This series is aimed at giving an indepth look into all the primary areas that affect most people when building websites that they need to rank in Google et al.

Drupal Piwik Module Introduction

Earlier we announced the release of the Drupal Piwik module, you can see the announcement at "Drupal Piwik module announcement".

This is just a brief introduction to the module, please note the Piwik is beta and this module could therefore be considered alpha

Basically the module provides two functions,