Joomla v Drupal v others - Why we chose Drupal

6 years ago

We are often asked why we choose Drupal over Joomla/Mambo or the others around.  Well when we started out looking at this we had actually built a system in XML/XSL that did a pretty nice job for what we need on the CMS end of things and were using ofbiz for the back-end transactional/ERP style stuff however we still  did not have the full framework that we wanted.

FeedAPI: purge and refresh all feeds

6 years ago

It often happens that I've added and configured a load of feeds, only to discover afterwards that I should have done something differently from the start, so I need to purge and refresh all the feeds I've already created. Rather than sitting in front of admin/content/feed and clicking for hours on all the remove and refresh links, I wrote a simple script to do this for me.

Drupal 6 from a business viewpoint

6 years ago

Developing this site was my first real effort at creating a D6 site.

Its been an interesting piece of work as it was for ourselves rather than a client so I have been really heavily involved in the detail aspects of the site. Most of my experiences have been significantly better than with previous versions.

I would say that after spending weeks on this site that I am left with two particular things that stick out in my mind, book outlining and menu management.