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Exact match domains - lower value for seo, now higher value for PPC?

Back in the day, ranking for a long tail keyword was pretty simple.  Buy a domain name which was, stick some related content on it and get some links in and hey presto, page 1 rankings every time.  OK, maybe not every time but you get the idea.

The extension of the ASA's digital remit - what does it mean for your website?

On 1st March 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority will extend its remit further into the digital space.  What implications does this have for website owners?

What is the Semantic Web?

What is the semantic Web?

I seem to be asked this question on a daily basis mostly in reference to Google now using RDFA and Drupal 7 efforts to put RDFA in Drupal Core (iO1 is sponsoring ;-). The answer is not a simple one liner so I am constantly struggling to come up with a concise unifying statement that allows me to explain it to anyone. No luck yet so here's my current best effort at it.

Drupal SEO - Statistics and Analysis - Setting yourself up to win - SEO Series - 2

In the first of the Drupal Seo series I went through basic Drupal SEO with no additional modules installed. Now we are going to move onto SEO Statistics and Analysis and how to set yourself up to win, things get a bit more in-depth (not a lot) as you will need to now install a couple of modules and connect up some external services.