Drupal Migrations

Standard data migration into Drupal

If you're moving from one technology to another, one of the hardest areas to get right is the data migration. We have years of experience in migrating data from old systems into Drupal. Frequently we find that we are requested not only to migrate data from one application to Drupal but from multiple applications. Our knowledge of and expertise in data architecture takes the headaches out of even the most complex data migrations.

Drupal SEO website migration and upgrades

It is so important not to lose your current SEO value when moving your site from one technology to another but you'd be astonished at how many organisations don't think about this until it's too late. Many companies plough ahead and change their sites making what they think are great SEO improvements, but are actually damaging their position in Google and other search engines by not doing the this properly. We have migrated countless sites without losing search engine rankings.

Drupal version migrations

If you're considering migrating to the latest version of Drupal, see our section on Drupal Upgrade services.