Drupal Upgrades

Like most software, new Core versions of Drupal are released from time to time; the latest being Drupal 7. iO1 provides a range of services that help to make upgrading to a newer Drupal version easier for companies and reduce the risks involved.

Full site upgrade including modules

When you want to upgrade an entire site to the latest release of Drupal, there can be additional complexities i.e. modules you have used not being available for the Drupal version to which you are upgrading.

Upgrading Core only

Sometimes clients are happy to work with the community modules themselves and to upgrade their own modules. However, they may not have the time or experience to do an upgrade on a busy live site.

Upgrading existing modules to latest Drupal Core version

We are often requested to upgrade modules to the latest version of Drupal Core, either because it is an abandoned community module or because it was developed by an employee or contractor who is no longer available to the organisation. We are more than happy to do this type of work and where applicable, we will always endeavour to put any changes we make in community modules back into the Drupal.org repository.

Upgrading Drupal after someone altered (hacked) modules or Core

This is one of the most horrible situations for an organisation to find themselves in. All too frequently inexperienced/unstructured developers start hacking Core and contributed modules in order to get a project finished in a hurry. We understand how this can happen but if you truly want to leverage the power of Drupal then you must get back to a position where you can leverage upgrades developed by this massive community and you can't do that with hacked code.

Porting/Back-porting of modules

Frequently, we see great new modules developed for the latest version of Drupal, but what about all those sites that are running older versions?

Modification of existing modules to provide new functionality

We are happy to upgrade the functionality of existing Drupal modules.