Specialist Drupal Areas

iO1's knowledge would count as 'expert' in any area of Drupal Development.  Even then, we have some truly world-class experts in the specialist areas detailed below.

Views, Panels and cTools

Creator of the world's most popular Drupal modules, Views, Panels and cTools, is Earl Miles. Earl is Head of iO1 Labs. We're not sure we need to say anything else about our credentials in Views, Panels and cTools...

Project Rescue

If you've got a project which is going off-course and you need to drag it back into life, we can help.  We have rescued Drupal projects from seemingly impossible dead-ends to deliver on-time. Find out more about Drupal Project Rescue.

Semantic Web

iO1 MD John F Galvin has been an advocate of the technologies behind the semantic web for a long time now and iO1's team has been instrumental in getting those technologies into the core of Drupal 7.

Performance Testing

iO1's experience in large-scale Drupal developments means that we can simulate the real-world environments in which a website will have to operate.  We do this to test how code will perform under all manner of punishing situations.

Code Reviews

One of iO1’s core services is rescuing existing Drupal projects and this has inevitably involved us undertaking a lot of Code Reviews.  Doing this enables us to rapidly gain an in-depth understanding of your systems and the requirements behind the code itself.  Over the years we’ve developed numerous systems and processes that provide real insights for our clients in this area in a way that allows them to move forward rapidly post Review.