Views, Panels & cTools

In 2010, we were proud to announce the appointment of the author of Views, Panels, and cTools Earl Miles, as iO1's Director of Research.  iO1 also became the sponsor of Views, Panels and cTools. Our sponsorship of the development of these key modules is part of our commitment to the continued development of the Drupal platform.  iO1 champions the open source model for software development and our developers are actively encouraged to contribute modules and patches.

iO1's level of knowledge in Views and Panels is unparalleled in any Drupal organisation worldwide.

Some recent examples of Enterprise Views and Panels implementations by iO1

For a major computer software company... Redesigns of their high-profile corporate and product websites were done using dozens of different templates.  Under conventional Drupal theming using regions, this would have been impractical to do.  Panels allows each page to have a different layout while reusing content where possible.  This gives the organisation's website editors ultimate flexibility in the way the site looks and is laid out.

For a brand new CRM product built in Drupal... Use of Panels and Views in combination for an online enterprise-level CRM.  Views is used to pull content from across the entire database and Panels to display different variants of that data depending on what is being viewed.

For a blue-chip corporate ... Rebuilding of their existing website from proprietary CMS to Drupal.  Flexibility in layout was key for this client and the use of Panel nodes to create dozens of different pages and then to reuse this content throughout the site in different ways gave them the result they were looking for.

If you are interested in finding out about how Drupal development using Views and Panels can give you the flexible, CMS-driven website you’ve always wanted, or if you have a failing project where Views or Panels is involved call us now on +44 (0)844 567 2371.