Few web projects depend on only one skill-type to make it a success.  You may need developers or server administrators for example. iO1 Flexiskills gives you access to iO1's entire resource base of development and professional skills at different levels to use as required in your web projects - without having to specify exactly what you'll need or when you'll need it.

You buy a fixed block of hours at a specific skill level (or multiple blocks at different levels) to allow you to resource your projects - and then use the resources as required.  For example, you may need a business analyst, project manager and Drupal developer for your project - Flexiskills allows you to buy a block of time across all these skills to use as required, without having to break down exactly how many hours you would need each person for.

Flexiskill packages are set at different skill levels: Entry, Senior, Advanced and Strategy.  Which package you need depends on the complexity of your project - get in touch with us and we can advise on the most appropriate package, or mix of packages for your project.

iO1 Flexiskills means you have access to all the skills you need when you need them.